Maison Minatec: optimizing space


Maison MINATEC, 1,350 m² of modular space

Discover the Smart Building use cases of this building dedicated to events!


The “Territories Solutions” project, piloted by French Tech in The Alps, aims to meet the main challenges of operators, maintenance professionals, energy or facility management: boosting the performance and comfort of buildings they manage.
Proposing a global IoT solution, from the capture of reliable data to valuation on a monitoring platform, the instrumentation of this 1st showroom will allow all players to validate and evaluate use cases in real conditions, deployable in volume on the scale of a building or a city.
Adeunis, CEA, eLichens and Jyse are the partners of this project, supported by Orange.


An event space to be measured and deployed at city level

Maison MINATEC 1,350m² of reception areas dedicated to events, with a capacity of up to 1,200 people, 140 events and 35,000 visitors in 2018. It is composed of modular spaces, which can be converted according to needs (stands, conferences, buffets, sit-down meals …)
For the administrator of this building, the challenges are complex: maximising optimisation of spaces, ensuring maximum comfort for the occupants, while controlling maintenance and energy performance. What’s at stake? Customers organising events satisfied and prescribers of this “plug and play” place, symbolic of Grenoble.

Thanks to the installation of sensors and solutions in each of the spaces concerned, the manager can measure, analyse and control:



Event use of the building, for optimisation of spaces

“This building is a welcoming public access place, with rooms that are compartmentalised (modularity of meeting rooms). The building administrators very quickly reported the need to know the occupation capacity and number of people to be able to adapt the size of the meeting rooms to real occupation,” explains Thibault Chauffard, Business Developer at adeunis.

By improving the management of its spaces, the administrator thus optimises use of the building and obtains an immediate return on investment. Thanks to the reported data, he can, by relying on the statistics of real use of rooms, know use of the building perfectly, and thus optimise modularity, room use, and improve the various services for occupants.


Multi-technical, energy-efficient building supervision for optimal profitability

Lights switched on in an empty room for several hours, defective sanitation, ventilation of rooms … so many situations that can accumulate on the bill of building administrators and the energy footprint of the park they manage. And who says unforeseen costs says an increase in estimates, unreliable installations, lower profitability, risk of dissatisfaction …

By adding feedback data and indicators (thresholds, alert settings, etc.), Maison Minatec has all the tools for controlling and initiating optimisation actions.

A major challenge when one observes the flow of visitors circulating in this showcase building!

Occupant comfort, for satisfied customers and prescribers

“The main objective is to improve the service for occupants, for example to activate a cleaning service based on real needs and not cyclically,” adds Thibault.

Thanks to the alert button, users also have the possibility to send a message to the administrator to activate a service (cleaning, supply, etc.), to report the good performance of a service or to warn of an equipment malfunction.

In order to ensure optimum comfort for the users of the different spaces, the building administrator can also monitor the temperature and level of humidity in each space, and even check fluctuations within the same space such as the amphitheatre.


“Territories Solutions”, demonstration of the contribution of IoT solutions on our territories

“By joining this collaborative project led by French Tech In The Alps, Adeunis wants to demonstrate that IoT solutions are effective and sustainable. Maison Minatec is a symbolic place, representative of the challenges of the Smart Building: guarantee of energy performance and comfort of the building while improving the organisation of services. The solution presented was deployed in less than 48 hours, from complete installation of the building to the first figures, without any heavy infrastructural work. All developments and new products will now be tested in real conditions, in close collaboration with CEA and all project stakeholders. We will also be able to benefit our prospects and customers with this magnificent demonstration space,” concludes Frank Fischer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Adeunis.


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