Temperature control on production lines


Smart Industry: Sweden’s largest kitchen manufacturing plant masters quality on its production lines with IoT, controlling the paint temperature



On a production line, there are many constraints to ensure optimal product quality. Multiple actions must be controlled to achieve a perfectly finished product. In Sweden’s largest kitchen manufacturing company, one of the problems encountered is controlling the temperature of the painting lines. It is important that the temperature of the paint lines is kept within a fixed range so that the paint does not flake off when it is applied to the kitchen elements.

The challenge for this company: to know in real time the temperature of the paint in order to take action as quickly as possible if the threshold is exceeded, and to avoid financial losses linked to poorly painted and therefore unsaleable elements.


To meet this need, adeunis and its distributor Eyeo, have installed adeunis temperature sensors: TEMP on the production lines of the factory.

This solution allows them to:

  • Measure in real time the temperature,
  • Identify wastage,
  • Monitor developments,
  • To be warned when thresholds are exceeded.


Thanks to this system, the temperature is controlled on the production lines. The information collected ensures better product quality and thus considerably reduces losses.

"The automation staff is impressed by the endless possibilities and savings that can be achieved by using lpwan devices!"


Reduction of operating costs


Saving of time


Quality Improvement


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