Optimising sanitisation with IoT

- Belmont Fruits & Distillery -

Efficiently plan sanitisation according to accurate data from your self-service facility.


«Belmont Fruits & Distillery» self-service cabin is a popular place for conveniently buying fresh farm products at anytime day or night. 

Market: Switzerland

Business Line: food

Type of building concerned: room for self-service cabin

Objective: customer convenience, automated vending

nettoyage, optimisation services avec l'IoT


With COVID19, normally unattended Self-Service facilities now require staff to periodically sanitise dispensers. Surfaces must be wiped down & sanitised to ensure health & safety measures are followed. 


To correctly maintain sanitised facilities, as well as more manage staff more efficiently, the business chose a complete IoT solution from the Switzercloud.


Staff are notified of each visit by the adeunis IoT MOTION detector fitted inside the cabin. The LoRaWAN®device senses when anyone enters the cabin and automatically alerts them via the Switzercloud platform. Instead of manning the cabin constantly, staff know exactly when to clean and wipe down all surfaces.

Furthermore, owner Martin Rihs sees trends and patterns related to when and how many times the cabin is visited,helping him to better manage his team and plan when to restock the dispenser.

Thanks to the simple scaleability of the IoT solution, Martin aims to add further applications such as indoor climate monitoring, push button notification and door/window contacts to assist with day-to-day operations of his small business pursuits.



"The Switzercloud was the perfect solution for my problem. The sensors work straight out of the box. Accurate motion readings are automatically taken all day, every day, freeing me to focus on other important tasks – taking care of my day-to-day business operations."


Ensure Customer Health & Safety

Maintain Positive Customer Experience


Optimise operations and resources


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