Installation kit Sigfox Repeater

Extend the coverage of Sigfox network

Function : Network infrastructure

Available technologies


Expands Sigfox network coverage

Repeats uplink (downlink not supported)



  • All the content necessary to get started with REPEATER
  • Easily transportable
  • Cables and magnet for configuration and start-up included
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • A dedicated application for a better control

IoT Configurator est disponible sur Windows ; Microsoft ; Windows ; Application Mobile ; IoT Configurator IoT Configurator est disponible sur Android ; Microsoft ; Google ; Application Mobile ; IoT Configurator


  • Hard case x1
  • Repeater ARF8168AA x2
  • Reference transmitter ARF8260AA x1
  • Magnet x1
  • Micro USB Cable x1
  • OTG USB Cable x1
  • OTG Micro USB Cable x1
  • Repeater fixation set x2
  • Repeater transparent bottom cover x2


>>>Discover the characteristics of the Repeater 

Use case

Limitations of use

  • Must be under the Sigfox network coverage,
  • Not able to repeat downlink to end-device,
  • Limitation of use in noisy environment (interferences).

References & User Guide

  • ARF8169BA: REPEATER Installation Kit Sigfox RC1
  • ARF8168AA: REPEATER Sigfox RC1
  • ARF8260AA: Reference Transmitter