Energy performance

Reduce your energy consumption by digitising your buildings with our IoT solutions.

Our IoT sensors enable you to meet the challenges of the Tertiary and BACS decrees.

Why monitor your building and its energy consumption?

IoT technologies are now present everywhere. In particular in buildings, the possible applications are numerous: more comfort, better use of technical equipment, more services… but also and above all more energy performance. On this subject, more than topical, the IoT has its place.

Indeed, the use of solutions not only allows for better knowledge of the state of energy consumption (water, gas, electricity) but also for the rapid detection of a leak or for adapting the use of HVAC equipment to the actual use of the building. 






its costs


Enhancing and preserving property assets

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The building sector accounts for 44% of French energy consumption each year.
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The building sector is consuming more and more energy: +30% over 30 years.
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Every year, the building sector emits more than 123 million tonnes of CO2.
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Monitor and analyse the evolution of its energy consumption


  • Detecting a leak
  • Detect abnormal consumption
  • Detect high consumption items
  • Recommend actions to be taken to reduce consumption

By installing IoT sensors on water, gas, electricity or thermal energy meters, it becomes possible to monitor and analyse changes in consumption.

The data collected can be used to define ways of optimising the use of energy-consuming equipment. An alert system also makes it possible to be informed in the event of so-called abnormal consumption, in order to act as quickly as possible to regulate it. 

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Our IoT solutions are used for sub-metering, to isolate and measure the consumption of a specific room or equipment.

Our IoT sensors for monitoring energy consumption



Monitoring of energy impulse meters



Monitoring of energy meters in ATEX zones

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Energy meter monitoring via MODBUS

Analyse the environmental factors and adapt the use of technical technical equipment to actual needs

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Preserve the building

Monitoring temperature and humidity levels on a daily basis also helps to protect the building from potential damage and to act quickly if thresholds are exceeded.


  • Reducing electricity consumption
  • Reducing gas consumption


  • Ensure user comfort
  • Protecting the building from potential damage

IoT sensors can be used to record, measure and analyse ambient factors in a room, such as temperature, humidity, presence, or even the level of luminosity.

The analysis of the data collected makes it possible to adjust the use of (lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation) to the real conditions of use of the building, in order to save energy.

Our IoT sensors dedicated to room comfort



Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring 

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CO2, temperature and humidity monitoring

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Presence detection and light level monitoring



Monitoring the condition of the ventilation system

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