Energy efficiency in buildings: reduce your energy consumption

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Track and analyse
of your energy consumption

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Analyse environmental factors and adapt the use of equipment

Why monitor your building and its energy consumption?

Today, IoT technologies are everywhere. Particularly in buildings. And there are many possible applications: greater comfort, better use of technical equipment, more services… but above all greater energy efficiency. The IoT has a key role to play in this highly topical area.

Using IoT solutions not only makes it easier to monitor energy consumption (water, gas, electricity), but also to detect leaks quickly and adapt the operation of technical equipment (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) to the actual use of the building.

Intelligent sensors located in different areas of the building continuously collect valuable information about humidity and temperature. Once analysed, this data can be used to adjust the use of technical equipment accordingly. 

In conclusion, the IoT helps to reduce energy consumption in a building through more intelligent and adaptive management of equipment and systems. This translates into energy savings, greater environmental sustainability and better cost control.



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with legislation




Enhance and preserve property assets

Every year, the building sector accounts for 44% of France's energy consumption.
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The building sector is consuming more and more energy: +30% over the last 30 years.
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Every year, the building sector emits more than 123 million tonnes of CO2.
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Monitor and analyse changes in energy consumption


  • Detect a leak
  • Detect abnormal consumption
  • Detect high consumption items
  • Recommend actions to be taken to reduce consumption

By installing IoT sensors on water, gas, electricity or heat meters, it becomes possible to monitor and analyse changes in consumption.

The data collected can ultimately be used to identify ways of optimising the use of energy-consuming equipment. An alert system also ensures that you are informed of any abnormal consumption, so that you can act as quickly as possible to regulate it. 

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Our IoT solutions are used for sub-metering, to isolate and measure the consumption of a specific room or piece of equipment.

Analysing environmental factors and adapting the use of technical equipment to actual needs

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Preserve buildings

Monitor ambient temperature and humidity levels on a daily basis also helps to protect the building from potential damage, such as the appearance of mould.
The sensors’ alert function means you can be informed quickly and take action as quickly as possible if thresholds are exceeded.


  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Reduce gas consumption


  • Ensure user comfort
  • Protect the building from potential damage

IoT sensors can be used to record, measure and analyse ambient factors in a room, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 level.

Analysis of the data collected enables the use of equipment (lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation) to be adjusted to the actual conditions of use of the building, to make energy savings.


Meet regulatory obligations

Energy consumption in buildings is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face.

Responsible for 45% of final energy consumption in France and more than 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, residential and tertiary buildings are the second biggest consumer of energy in France, well ahead of transport and industry.

The Tertiary Sector Decree and the BACS Decree impose obligations on tertiary sector buildings to reduce their energy consumption. 

To meet these targets, the use of IoT sensors is essential. Thanks to the IoT and connected objects, it is now easy to monitor energy consumption and activity in a building, or the correct operation of the equipment in it, with the aim of making energy savings.

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The legislation in France :

Tertiary sector decree

This sets out the procedures for implementing the obligation to reduce consumption in tertiary buildings.

BACS Decree

Requires the installation of a building automation and control system.

Our smart building solutions for all your uses

Discover real-life examples of connected buildings, solutions and advice for improving the energy performance of your connected buildings.

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Use IoT sensors to retrieve essential building operating data



Use the data collected to :

  • take stock of the situation
  • monitor developments
  • identify anomalies in real time
  • draw up an action plan


  • energy consumption
  • environmental factors
  • air quality
  • maintenance of technical equipment

Achieve your goals

  • improve energy performance
  • reduce costs
  • improve comfort
  • add value to the building
  • meet regulatory requirements

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